Basic Financial Rule to Live By

You may have heard before that there are some basic financial rules that you should be living by.  Do you know what they are?  If so are you living by them?  Here are some of those basic financial rules that everyone should be living by, anyone can follow them, and they are not hard to do.

The first one seems rather obvious but for some people it is much easier said than done; live within your means.  What does this mean?  It means that you should not be spending more money than you make.  It also means that you should not own things that you cannot afford to own.  For example if your house payment is too expensive each month, then you should own a less expensive home.  The same goes for your vehicle as well.

When it comes to your financial goals you need to have realistic expectations.  You will not become rich overnight, which happens to almost no one.  You will have to work and save to get the money that you want to have in the bank.  This does not mean that it is impossible it just means that it will take some time and that you need to be patient.  If you are not realistic with your goals you will most likely not meet them which will discourage you from being financially responsible moving forward.

goal-png_145432Do your best to stay out of debt.  There is some debt that is considered to be okay.  For example we tend to think having a mortgage or a car loan is okay, but most other forms of debt are not so you need to watch what kind of debt that you have.  Even if you have a car loan or a mortgage you should work at getting them paid off so that you have no debt at all.

It is important to maintain a good credit score.  This will help you with various other things in your life.  For example if you want to get a loan for anything and you have a bad credit score you will get a higher interest rate on your loan which will cause you to have to spend more in the long run.  Watch your credit score and do what you can to maintain it.

Start saving as young as possible and make sure to continue to save.  Saving money is important and it does not matter if you have a little or a lot to put away as long as you are putting something away.  When you start saving money when you are young the money that you put into your savings account will start to earn interest.  This interest will eventually earn interest of its own if you leave the money in the account and do not touch it.  This is money that you cannot afford to pass up, it is like getting free money!  Start saving as young as possible and continue to save as you continue throughout life.

Always remember to keep your investment portfolio diversified.  This is important.  If you put all of your money into one investment and it goes under then you will lose all of your money.  The flip side is that if it does well you could earn a lot of money but this is a big gamble.  If you spread your money out then you have a better chance at having a return on your investment no matter what.  So remember keep your portfolio diversified.

These are just some of the basic financial rules that everyone should be living by.  They seem to be simple, and if you try doing them you will find that they are.  Not one of them is overly difficult.  It does not matter when you start them, but the sooner you do the better off you will be.  Your financial future will be brighter if you do these things.

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